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Sucess by (R)Evolution

Making wirecutting easier, more effordless and userfriendly and - before all - flexible was the primary idea of Josef Plattner, as he built his first wire saw in 1994. For the first time ever, not the machine itself had to be fixed on the cut but the wire is guided much more flexible by the patented wire guiding devices.

We invite you to have a look at the animation on the left hand side to see the progress of this device!

Our sensibility for innovation and quality has ensured that PLATTNER products have always been the best available technology.

PLATTNER products have an outstanding performance in terms of robustness and maintenance-friendly designs for maximum safety and reliability. 


Our History

2018 we are reorganizing and expanding the PLATTNER office.

2014/2015 The company building is expanded for a modern and highty flexible production.

2012 David Plattner ist appointed to be the new CEO of  the company.

2012 Josef Plattner dies after a fatal accident at the age of 58.

1998 a sucessful partnership with HILTI is started – and  is still going strong! At the same time the new company building is created in Schwaz.

1996 The PLATTNER GesmbH is created – the company is transfered into the legal form of a private limited company. The product variety is expanded and further patents arrise.

1994 The Plattner Company is founded  by Josef  Plattner and his wife Ruth. The first wire saws and prototypes are constructed in the garage of the family house.

Josef Plattner