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World war bunker turns into modern building

In the old „glassmaker“ district of Düsseldorf, in former times the place where the glass industry was situated, a young and innovative team is currently working out a spectacular project converting a World War II bunkerer into a state-of-the-art residential and commercial building.

World war bunker turns into modern building

It was necessary to do cut-outs of up to 18 m height on the facade of the concrete block. The cutting concept was worked out and implemented together with PLATTNER, our wire saw trainer Felix Plattner was on the site when the project started.

The particular challenge was to do cut outs of 16-18 m high in one go. The wall itself was 1.1 m thick and made of highly reinforced concrete charged with Rhine gravel (very hard material). Furthermore there were high safety requirements in the event of a rope break, as the construction site was placed next to a busy road and a pavement. An essential part of the concept were the wooden guiding rails and covers, which were attached to each cut to guide the rope, retain the rope in the event of a rope break and provide an efficient channel for the cooling water.

We used a new big PLATTNER wire saw, a wire loop of approx. 50 m, two wire guiding devices and a notching pulley. The performance was excellent and the project was carried out to the utter satisfaction of the whole team!