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NEW: Additional wire storage 25 m

The additional wire storage is part of PLATTNERs wire saw portfolio . A Hilti wire saw (DSWS 15, DSW 3018-E) is used as a drive.

NEW: Additional wire storage 25 m
wire storage

Did you ever made this experience? You have a diamond wire loop but the storage of your wire saw is not big enough to collect it? This problem mostly occurs:

- due to confined space conditions

- the safety risk of free wire lengths is high

- your cut is very large and the free wire lengths cannot be collected by the storage of your wire saw.

- Due to tool life, you need a certain length of wire eg for steel cuts, which your standard machine cannot accommodate.

 Our solution: the new additional wire storage  - it can collect  up to 25 m of diamond wire!

Optionally it is available with an air cooling system, which brings the temperature of the wire down by 10-20°C - cutting speed and the tool life can thus be significantly increased.