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Standard wire saws

Seilsägen Standard

For decades,  PLATTNER standard wire saws have enjoyed an enviable reputation for their robust engineering, reliability and safety. A policy of on-going development and enhancement has ensured that this reputation continues to be fully justified. Their reliability is based on more than 20 years of experience collected during the construction of more than a thousand wire saws that are used all around the world.


special wire saws

Seilsägen Spezial

For individual wire sawing demands, PLATTNER is creating efficient products based on individual client requirements. For our partners we always aim to achieve the highest levels of economy, safety and flexibility.



wire saw accessories

Seilsägen Zubehör

PLATTNER accessories are enlarging and completing the spectrum of wire saws in all applications (massive materials, construction areas that are difficult to access etc.) – our accessories can be tailored precisely to the needs of wire saw customers!


Machinery for working on saw blades

Seilsägen Standard

PLATTNER machinery is suitable for all kind of diamond equipped milling tools and nearly all diameters. Safety, reliability, speed, sustainability and low operation cost are only a few characteristics that feature our products.


Machinery for working on diamond wire

Seilsägen Zubehör

PLATTNER machinery for working on diamond wire is the result of constant innovations through research and development. As a convincing combination of innovative engineering and modern design we guarantee an efficient and fully automated working process.


Machinery for working on coring drills

Seilsägen Standard

Machinery for working on coring drills is designed to run on a multipurpose level – a maximum of work steps can be done on a minimum of efforts that makes our systems highly efficient and variable.