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DSW-SE25 Additional wire storage

Application The wire storage of your standard wire saw is not big enough because of > confined space conditions > safety risk > very large cuts > due to tool life eg for steel cuts that need a predefined length of wire
Option Water cooling system, brings temperature of the wire down by 10 - 20°C, eg for steel cuts
Dimensions 1990 x 860 x 1100 mm, 180 kg

Wire guiding device

Application This patented device is guiding the diamond wire from the machine to the cut. It allows cutting with maximum safety – the wire cannot slip off the pulleys!
Diameters 200 mm or 280 mm

Plunge cutting device

Application For plunge cuts into solid materials
Diameters 125 mm or 150 mm

Notching pulley

Application For starting the wire in difficult cutting areas (eg in case of many corners)
Diameters 200 mm or 280 mm

Wire protection cover

Application For highest safety standards this device is covering the whole diamond wire from the machine to the cut
Diameters 200 mm or 280 mm

Extraction hood for try cutting

Application For try-cutting in dust sensitive surroundings

Wire connectors

Application Connecting of the diamond wire with a minimum of setup time and a maximum of efficiency and longevity
Diameters available Ø 9.5/ 8.7 mm
Options Standard or cardan hinge

Pressure sleeves

Application For repairing diamond wires in case of wire cracks
Diameters Ø 9.5/ 8.7/7.5 mm