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Your customized wire saw

If you have a specific wire saw application, we are designing YOUR customized wire saw

Here are some examples ...


Modular portal wire saw

Application Portal wire saw for cutting mobile components such as pipelines, steel parts, natural stone, brick walls etc. up to 3 x 3 m (10 x 10 ft)
Power unit Standard wire saw DSWS 15 or big wire saw DSW 3018-E
Connection power 32 A, semiautomatic, portal is communicating with the wire saw for optimal working conditions

Compact portal wire saw

Application Stationary wire saw for effective cutting of small parts, eg steel parts or wire testing
Drive capacity 15 kW (elektric)
Connection power 32 A

Portal wire saw

Application Stationary wire saw for cutting of pre-fabricated components
Drive capacity 11 kW (elektric)
Connection power 32 A

Wire saw for cutting pipes

Application Mobile wire saw with fastening system for cutting directly on a pipe

Device for cutting of pipes

Application For a precise cutting of steel tubes or pipelines

Device for plunge cutting

Application For remote-controlled drilling and plunge cutting in nuclear power plants