Our Expertise - What motivates us?

Our experience and our passion is cutting materials with the help of diamond wire. We have been designing and producing wire saw machines since 1994. They are used for standard applications as well as for special projects in cutting a variety of materials like steel, concrete or natural stones. Due to unlimitted dimensional flexibility, wire saws are used where other cutting processes (saw blades, hollow drills, etc.) find their limits. No mather how thick your wall is, or what volume you need to cut - with a wire saw you can make it happen! And that's what we are proud of and what we are working on with shared passion!



Our top priority is the development and production of innovative wire saw systems. We are proud of several patents that have been created in the past years.

Our aim is to maintain and to develop the technology leadership in this sector!


Highest quality is a matter of importance to us, as quality in our understanding means safety and sucess for our customers. That is why all our products, with the exception of some standard components, are manufactured entirely in-house and are tested in compliance with highest safety and environmental standards.



We proud ourselves to immediately react to our customers needs. This is because of the strong focus to the special business of wire sawing and the flexibility in our internal organisation. We run a small but very efficient company, with a 30 years of experience. This makes us a highly qualified partner for any wire saw application needed to carry out!


Safety for the user is particularly important to us. Doing the wire cutting job is not always easy - we want to create cirumstances of maximum safety and comfort for the user. The focus is a user-friendly design, a variety of protective devices and effictive dust and sludge extraction for a good working environment.


System compatibility

We design high-performance machines and devices that interact perfectly with one another. It is our biggest aim to cover a wide range of possible applications through the compatibility and flexibility of all our machines and accessories. 

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