Pulley stand

The patented pulley stand is the key device for flexibly guiding the diamond wire from and to the cut. 

If you use a pulley stand, the mounting of the saw machine next to the cut is not necessary, as the wire can be guided in the required direction.

Telescopic protective devices are used to cover free moving wires for maximum safety. These covers can easily be fixed to the pulley stand. 


Field of application
Field of application
  • For guiding the saw-wire from the machine to the cut
  • For deflecting the diamond wire in various applications
  • For catching the wire at the end of the cut
  • Suitable for diamond wires of Ø 8 to 12 mm.
  • Available with a diameter of 200, 245 or 280 mm.
  • Available with exchangeable rubber bindings for an economic use and self-replacement.
  • Closed-loop version for applications without connectors.
  • For highest safety standards, protective devices are available to cover free moving wires .

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