Plunge and flush cutting devices

These devices are used for plunge cuts into solid material, which is only accessible from one side. 

For this application, two holes are made, the device is inserted and the cut is done from top to bottom.

Field of application
Field of application
  • For plunge cuts in solid material 
  • Only one accessible side is available for cutting into massive material 
  • Designed for a use together with a wire saw DSW 1510-CA or a DSW 3018-E
  • Suitable for diamond wires of Ø 8 to 12 mm.
SpecificationsDescription of use
1.1 Swivel pulley Ø 200 mmStandard application/concrete
1.2 Swivel pulley Ø 280 mmBig cutting surface/natural stone
2.1 Plunge pulley Ø 125 mmStandard application/concrete
2.2 Plunge pulley Ø 150 mmMedium-sized cutting surface/conrete and natural stone
2.3 Plunge pulley Ø 200 mmBig cutting surface/natural stone
3.1 Plunge-swiwel pulley Ø 125 mm for flush cutsStandard application/concrete
3.2 Plunge-swiwel pulley Ø 150 mm for flush cutsMedium-sized cutting surface/conrete and natural stone
3.2 Plunge-swiwel pulley Ø 200 mm for flush cutsBig cutting surface/natural stone

Optionally available are rotating pulleys for flush cuts in plunge cutting applications, which is a combination of plunge and flush cutting.

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