All about Plattner - where do we come from, what keeps us going?

Founded in 1994 by Josef Plattner and his wife Ruth, the focus of our company has been on wire sawing. Josef, a technical engineer with a big heart and a clever mind, invented a way of separating machine and wire guiding unit, which set new standards in wire sawing techniques. In 1998, a partnership with Hilti was established,  which is still going strong today.

From the beginning, Josef involved his children in the business and today four of this sons and daughters are leading the company.

Since Josef's death in 2012, his sons David and Florian took over the business, together with loyal and highly competent employees and the continuous cooperation with Hilti, business goes on successfully. 


Our Management

David Plattner

David Plattner

CEO since 2012

  • Born 1979 in Tyrol, Austria
  • R&D, Construction
Florian Plattner

Florian Plattner

CEO since 2022

  • Born 1987 in Tyrol, Austria
  • Electrical engineering, ERP, Data processing

MAde in Austria

Our high quality products are developed and produced at our company site situated in Schwaz, in the heart of the Alps. We work with our team of highly skilled and motivated employees.

We prefer "insourcing" to "outsourcing". Our products are made efficiently with a high degree of automatisation, as we keep our machinery in operation up-to-date, using robotic for example. 

What is more, our products are made in a healthy environment with a high living standard. Our aim is to preserve the precious nature all around us and at the same time provide attractive and safe workplaces. Thats what we are proud of!

Made in Austria

our mission


Our primary ambition is the satisfied customer. Every day and in every situation we aim to come up to this expectation. By providing individual solutions, high-quality products and developing our internal processes efficiently acording to the customers needs. 


We are committed to appreciative co-operation and respect to one another. We like to create a safe and friendly working environment where every person working for the company feels respected and valued.

Quality and environment

In our company, traditional craftsmanship meets state-of-the-art technical know-how in production. Compliance with quality, environmental and social standards is obligatory for us. Our aim is to preserve and protect the precious environment around us. Measures are taken to reduce emissions by using up-to-date production technology.

Family business

Our family structure is important, not only in the inner circle, but we pride ouselves in sharing a family-feeling with our employees and business partners; it strengthens our flexibility through short distances, direct communication and a positive approach to one another.

Values and culture

Whatever the situation is, we aim to create a trusting, fair and reliable relationship with our employees as well as all our partners in business and society.

josef plattner  (1953 - 2012)

In memorian of our founder Josef, we would like to pay tribute to his life and his work for our company.

In 1994 he decided to found his own business, which was transformed to "Plattner GesmbH" in 1996.

We would like to show Josef, how he is still alive in our memory: developing his products with passion and know-how, and, before all, always treating everybody in a kind manner and with a friendly smile on his face!


  • 2020

    The Corona-crisis effected the Austrian economy and also worldwide. With a maximum effort of every single employee in our company, we were able to keep our production to as normal a level as possible.

  • 2019

    Big data finds a way into our business by the implementation of an ERP-system.

  • 2018

    Plattner celebrates its 25th anniversary. This special event took place to honour our long-standing employees.

  • 2017

    The company building is extended to a new office for our R&D department.

  • 2015

    Through the acquisition of a neighbouring building, the company was able to be expanded and a process-oriented, workflow-optimised reorganisation of the product divisions is carried out. New social rooms for our employees are built at the same time.

  • 2012

    This is the year that our founder and beloved father and chief executive Josef dies in a hunting accident. A big schock and tragedy for the family and the company at the same time. David Plattner takes over and from now on is CEO of Plattner.

  • 1998

    A very successful partnership with Hilti is concluded, the realtionship continues to this day. During the same year, the company moves to new premises in Schwaz.

  • 1996

    The one-man business Plattner is transformed into a limited liability company and over the years develops to a leading company in the business of developing and producing wire saw machines and accessories.

  • 1994

    Plattner is founded by Josef and Ruth Plattner. Josef had some fundamental new approaches on how to improve wire-sawing methods. At the time, it was necessary to mount a wire saw next to the cutting point which was extremely difficult. Josef had the idea of a machine that can be placed on the floor and a wire guiding device which is then mounted to the cutting point. This is much simpler to handle and a big step in safety and efficiency of this system.

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