Pipe wire saw for underwater cuts TC1500

This wire saw unit is operated hydraulically and designed for cutting pipes in underwater application.

Field of application
Field of application
  • For underwater cuts of max 100 m depth of saltwater. 
  • Saltwater-proof made of chrome steel.
  • Machine has an integrated clamping device to fix itself on the workpiece to be cut.
  • Fixed on the clamping device is the cutting frame, the feed is done by two hydraulic cylinders.
  • On the cutting frame the drive motor, the drive wheel and the wire tension equiment are mounted.
  • Loops are available to fix the device for horizontal or vertical cuts.
  • Suitable for diamond wires of Ø 8 to 12 mm.
  • For underwater applications down to 100 m below sea level
  • For pipe diameters from 0,85 to 1,5 m
  • Operating temperature: -15 °C to 45 °C
  • Size L x W x H: 3 x 1,2 x 3,85 m

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